On 3-29-10
We were able to go to the zoo, I have everything packed and ready to go I was prepared or at least I thought so. Poor Abby hates being in her car seat and for what ever reason she ws really pissed today that she threw up I had to stop once on the side of the free way to clean her up and console her, then when caught up to John and Candice (who rode their motorcycles) she had thrown up again. I wasnt prepared, I had no change of clothes for her, so we left john and went to the px on Fort Sam base to buy new clothes, for Abby and me, since I picked her up it was on me too, once we were clean we went back and parked at he zoo. It was fun and we saw alot of animals I enjoyed being in the butterfly habitat Abby was unsure of the flying bugs but she did kind of want to touch them.

The bear was out and moving, he was cool to see him awake it seems they are always sleeping when we go to the zoo, I think he needs to go get a manicure look at his nails, ouchie. Even Abby was impressed.

These monkeys were so much fun watching swinging from side to side, man they can hold on and move, the mommy monkey even had a baby with her. I would like to be a monkey for a day!

Probably my favorite animal is the giraffe, I don't know why but i think they are beautiful.
this rhino was passed out asleep and along came Candice and made some weird noise ans it rose up and then and stated walking toward us, it was pretty funny.
I would have love to go feed these birds but the zoo was closing and Abby was not happy so we just sat by them and had the gets look at them, there colors are amazing!
Well once we got to the zoo it was fun and after the zoo we ate at cheesy Janes it was good again! so i guess it all makes up for the crappy start.

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