Good Morning

Well this morning started out interesting, It stared out with my friend calling me at 6:30 saying her car was broke into, I asked how did she know she said they left her doors open a bit and her middle console and glove box was open, she said they took her change maybe like 4 dollars. Then dustun came home about 7:00 and said our car was broke into. I rushed down stairs to see what they took, well they got Abigail's dvd player with her baby Einsteins baby sighns dvd, (which she was learning to sighn from) they took my old wallet that had nothing but a bunch of receipt and I have no idea what else, but they also took my current wallet with my military ID and drivers license and two debit cards 40 dollars plus other random items. Candice wallet was in the car too cause we went to the target that day so her stuff was gone too. They also stole her diaper bag , really a diaper bag!!! come on well on the bright side of things:
They didn't break the window
I had to update my DL to my current address
My military ID was about to expire
I got a new wallet out of this
I just paid my phone bill other wise I would have had a lot more cash
Abby's diaper bag was a used pink back pack they was given to me
The DVD player sounded as if it was about to die
And of course we are all safe.

The scary thing is they hit about 4 house that we know of all in one night. I hope they dont come back again.

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Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

That is horrible. I don't like the idea of people going through my items. But good attitude. I guess you will be on the phone a lot today.I am glad no one was hurt.