Auto trade show

On another weekend we went to a auto trade show, to look at all the new 2011 model cars, it was fun they had all kind of vehicles from all sorts of makers, Abby loved sitting in the driver seat test "driving" them all, I never wanted to me a min van mom but I found one I like a lot, the Toyota sienna, go here funny (http://youtu.be/ql-N3F1FhW4) and I also found a 3rd row car I love, the Chevy traverse and of course dustun found his dream cars,this is bubble bee from the transformer movie.
Dustun got into the car, look how happy the kid is!
But not so happy when he and his partner in crime got caught driving to leave the building in the car, lol
And since chevy is an American car they had this one painted very patriotic, it was an awesome paint job, I wish it wasn't so dark.
This was a real pool table I think that is awesome!
Samuel, Abby, and Candice in the old Army croozers.
Abby had to put the "hat" on, it was way heavy even for her head.
I am so happy we brought the wagon the kids did good, they got to play and run around but also loved being pulled in it.
I look tired, maybe someone who is about to give birth should not go into an inflatable bounce house and do the obstacle course! oh well I had fun!

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