Weekend fun

A few weekends ago, Candice suggested that Dustun and I get away for a weekend before Benjamin arrives, so we packed up and headed to Austin. They were having a comic con, I knew Dustun would love it and all it's geekness, and I knew I would love to people watch,I was right. there was so many people dressed up in so many characters from different things, some costumes were awesome, some not so much. I got to see the original, bat-mobile, and batman and robin, and the hulk, I was excited.
We had a really nice hotel, and had a wonderful dinner, and for breakfast we order room service, it was so good, I stuffed myself silly. It was a nice getaway.
look at her arms! wow I want them!
the Hulk
Dustun and his storm trooper friends
me and hit girl form the movie kick ass

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