Christmas list

I figured I would write down a christmas list so that way I can answer everyones questions all at once.
Abby loves baby dolls, cars, trucks, dress up stuff, shoes, jewelry, books, educational DVD's sesames street, baby Einstein's , anything with a princess on it, coloring/art stuff, anything that will get her imagination to work.
Her sizes are in these general areas: Shoes she is currently in a 5 but will soon need size 6. Pants are about 18 months, shirts, 24 months, PJ's 2T.

Dustun would love gift cards to game store so he can buy some games, any cool new DVD's or CD's

I would love a digital picture frame, a new vacuum, gift card to get a massage :) and of course the always popular anything pretty and sparkling!

Benjamin, he will be really little so a new rattle, binkie, swaddling blankets, PJs, clothes. we will be in the size ranging on newborn to 0-3 months.

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