Turbo Kick

So Yesterday I went over to my sharing wall neighbors room (she also works with dustun) and I asked her if she wanted to join me to do turbo kick, I figured if I enlists some support then I couldn't back out, so at 5:00 we were at the gym, I was nervous, I wasn't scared of it being hard like I am going to die hard I just figured it was gong to be alot of choreographed memorized in beat steps, none of which I have, I mean I am white and Blondie so those to things dont jive.

My instructor was a tattoo sassy lady, I got more nervous, the only good thing was there was 4 ladies and one man non of us had ever done this before, but they were black so they had good rhythm, (blast this whiteness!)

I do have to say I did enjoy it, when I got lost or confused I just started to spazz
I would go again I will try it a few more times to see if I can ever pick up the beats.

Tomorrow is my WW meeting so lets see if this weeks kick butt, sore as all heck workout did anything, I think so!

"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change."

Just cause she is so cute!

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Karen and Matt said...

Good for you!!! It does help to have some support to go with you. I love Turbo Kick Turbo Jam! It's so fun, and it's a great workout! I have Turbo Jam/Turbo sculpt workouts that I do from home. I was so sore when I first started doing them, and it was so hard to remember all of the steps and keep up. That gets better too! So keep it up, and i'm sure that you will lose some weight this week for your WW. =)