4th of July

Well since Candice had chapel duty today and Dustun is working I had both kids, I wanted to do something fun so I made red, white, and blue pancakes for breakfast.

Samuel dived right in, Abby looked at it and poked it a few times before taking the smallest pinch to eat it, finially she relized I was telling the truth it was pancakes they just had different colors. She finally ate them up!

Once Abby was done I let her down to play, and she went over to Samuel feet and started to tickle them, they were both laughing so hard. I love Abby and they way she is always making everyone laugh, what a smart kiddo!
After breakfast I laid them down for naps, did my own thing around the house. Dustun had a quick lunch so he came home grabbed a sandwich and went back to work. We had planned on doing steaks for lunch so when Candice got done with work she came over and fired up the grill, it was good! John and his friend Joe came over to eat with us, I wished dustun could be there but work is work.
After lunch we all cleaned up and loaded up to go swimming at our pool, it was surprisingly mellow there which was nice.
After swimming we came home gave the kids baths, and laid them down for there afternoon naps, which we pushed back. We got everything ready while they were asleep so all we had to do was load them up and head to Randolf AFB.
We loaded the kids up when they woke up and picked dustun up at work, so we could all drive together.
My friend Ashley had made Abby a forth of July tutu and head band and her and I matching bracelets. so she was all dressed up for the festivity's. She is so cute!
Her link to her etsy shop is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ashleystutuandfrills, go look around and order whatever you like she can also do custom work!

The kids had there flags and Samuel kept waving his, he is cute kiddo. And of course the 4 amigos shot.

We went on the flight line and walked around, we got tamels and water melon and a bottle water. We were about to get funnel cake but the line was and hour and half plus long which we found out after waiting 15 min and all ready paying. We did get out money back but i cant believe people would wait that long for fried dough with sugar on top.
We came back to the truck and ate our water melon, then we got the kids ready for bed so that way after the show we could load up and go home and lay them down.

Do you see the kids faces? So cute they loved the fireworks, and samuel kept pointing at them and Abby would clap.

It is amazing to think of where I have been on all my forth of Julys, my first one married Dustun was in basic and one year I was 11 weeks Pregnant with Abby, the next year we were in Colorado and now I'm in Texas 17 week along with our new little miracle. Amazing!
On the way home I turned around to see if the kids were awake or asleep and I see Samuel holding Abbys hand while she is fast asleep, they are so precious, I feel blessed they are good friends.
I hope you all had a great fourth I know I did!

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