Sea World

On June 10th Dustun, Abigail, Candice, Samuel and I all loaded up and went to sea world in the morning, John worked until 4am, so he was sleeping.
It was a good day, it was really humid so we were all sweaty, we went and saw the dolphins, we were trying to pet on but they stayed where the food was.

Then we went to the shark reef, the kids really enjoyed watching the fish and sharks swim around, I enjoyed the A/C
Then we all ran to the other side of the park to catch the Shamus show. The kids did good, they were hot tired and hungry so the little bit of fussiness was no big deal.

I was happy we were all able to get together and go do an activity I cant wait to go back and see some more show or go swimming again. Thanks again to my hubby for being so good to me and for my best friend for always being there.

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