Well I haven't wanted to post about this until now. I feel like I need to journal whats going on with Abby's medical condition. On July 6, 2010 she was seen off base at a pediatric nephrologist (kidney doctor) clinic, to talk about whats going on inside her body.
In a nut shell she has polycystic kidney disease and stage 4 kidney reflux and 2 tubes on her right kidney rather then one. What we know about each one is the PKD is inherent from our family, it was something she is born with and will be with her all her life, it may get stay the same it may get worse, only time and lots of test will tell. As far as the reflux she has a 20% chance of it fixing it's self. her other option if the pediatric urologist (who we see next month) says she needs it is to have surgery, the one that will most likely done is a very simple day in day out procedure where they basically put a binding "glue" in the value so no urine can back wash into the kidneys. The two tubes really are not a problem it is a normal abnormality.
She is currently on two medicine one is a preventive antibiotic so that way she doesn't get UTI from her back wash and the other is to keep her blood pressure with in a normal range.
If it wasn't due to a fluke we would not even know about all this, she is is healthy and happy little girl. She is so smart and such a big kid, when I get done changing a diaper she will pick it up and throw it away with out me asking her to.
I love her so much and I wouldn't change her for anything. And thank you to Candice for taking off work to go with me to the doctors.

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