Pet store

July 20th, 2010

Dustun was off, and we were thinking about getting a fish for Abby, so after French toast breakfast we went to the pet store, to look at all the animals, she loved looking at the cats, all the fish, and of course the other small critters.
she even stuck her hand in the cricket feeder, what a brave girl!

We got her a pretty beta fish, I hope it lives for a bit, I always seem to kill the 4 dollar fish but can keep a 27 cent fish alive, go figure.

I held her up to watch as we put the fish in the tank, we did this later in the day so that way the tank would be all set up and settled.
(ignore my face)
She loved pointing at the fish and saying fishy fishy, and this morning July 21, the fish was still alive so I sat her up on the dresser and had her watch as I feed him, and then I taught her how to also sign fish. What a smart pants!

We went on base to play at the park, this girl loves to swing, she just laughs and smiles, she also had fun playing with all the rocks on the ground.

We also went and grabbed dinner at mamacitas, Candice was able to come with us.

After dinner we went to the mall, to look around we went to burlington coat factory in the baby depot, abby was shopping for her baby brother it was so cute!

All in all another great day!

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Mom said...

Maybe Gramma Kathy will get a fish for her to look at when she comes to visit!