Canyon lake

Dustun and I decided to get away for a couple of days, so I rented a small cabin in canyon lake. It was so nice it was next to the water, we were able to walk down to the water and play,which Abby loved.
We had hot dogs over the fire, potato salad, and chip. and of course for dessert we had smores! Abby did so well during the day she just ssat in her own little chair and watch the birds, or the water, or the wind blowing the trees, poor baby girl never really napped so she was really tired.. now for the night was awful I put her in her pack and play to go to sleep it took her 30 min to stop crying and fall asleep finally i was able to enjoy the peace and quiet, and relax and play a game with dustun and to talk to him about whatever. well I spoke to soon cause now she is awake screaming i go in there thinking did a bug bite her or what happened??? I pick her up and start rocking her she is asleep on my chest holding her dolly, I try laying her down she starts to scream a gain I check her bed I don't see or feel anything out of the ordinary, I try a few more times I finally tell Dustun we will be driving her around until she falls asleep, so we drove for like an hour before she passes out, phew, mommy is tired, well as soon as I lay her she screams I tell dustun we will be sleeping with her, two full grown adults on a small (double) bed and a baby who moves like a jumping jelly bean. lets just say it was not a good night by 6:00 am I was up and packing up everything.
I find out now after a week of no sleeping and her laying with me in bed it was her molars that were keeping her and I up.
Pictures of the getaway:

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