So this pregnancy I have had a lot of weird dreams, but the ones that most annoy me are the ones about food, cause I woke up wanting it so bad and all I can think about is whatever I dreamed about, all I can say in good thing I cant gain weight thinking about food.
All my food dreams are about sweets, the first one was these delicious red velvet cupcakes, I was awake for about 3 hours trying to forget about them. The other ones were about cookies from Macy's, peach cobbler and chex-mex puppy chow.
Well today I gave into a craving and made some puppy chow, for us. I was so happy and I think the pictures proof so was everyone else.


Mom said...

Awesome!! I just sent a batch that Amanda made to Travis, I spent xtra so he gets it tomorrow. Love you guys......more pictures of Dustun!!

Little Messy Missy said...


mom said...

You have the CUTEST baby. She looks just like her Gramma Kathy!