The other day was a great day! So many fun things to do filled with lots of laughter and smiles, It started out at sea world, then I was able to come home take a quick nap before heading to my cake decorating class (drama) then coming home, and having the greens and us doing a BBQ, it was nice John made fried taters, and Candice made BBQ chicken on the grill. Dustun and I were able to sit back and play some wii, while the kids did there thing.
We then set up the kiddie pool and umbrella and let the kids play and eat Popsicles. It was nice to sit in the shade with my feet in the water enjoy my fruit pop.
( non swim diapers hold A LOT of water)
After we got change and undressed the kids we all played the wii, it was fun we haven't played Mario cart in a long time.

While dustun and Candice were playing I played with the kids we did dress up, it was cute on Abby but poor Samuel I don't have anything "boy" for him, so he got the "manley" tutu, (what it has blue, and red in it!)

I took the tutu off in about 3 seconds cause as soon as they stopped playing and Samuel realized what he was wearing he wanted nothing to do with it. Abby on the other hand liked hers on, so she got to play, She also found the reflective belt and was putting it on like a necklace.

All and all another great day!

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