Day out

Today after finding out I was having a boy!! Candice and I loaded the kids up to go shopping. We went to JcPenny's for maternity clothes (great deals on shorts). We then went to Olive Garden great food. Samuel is now in the screaming faze of his life (oh my Goodness). Is it bad to want to smack a 13 month old??

After Olive Garden and the hour of Samuel screaming and Abby wanting nothing to eat, we went to Target for 4th of July outfits for Samuel and Candice. We always have one kid in the front of the basket and another in the actual basket. Well today we found this awesome two seat Cart perfect for all of us (even baby B) in the Future. We of course spent to much time and Money at Target pushing nap time again. But all in all it was a great day. The best part was being able to take a nap with the kids today peace and quiet.

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