6 Months old!

Oh my gosh Abigail is 6 months old I can hardly believe it, This time I was just pushing her out, and at 8:53 pm she arrived squished nose and all. She came out crying and has loved her voice ever since! About this time last year this is what I posted:

The first birth

She cries out in joy
We have a boy
The struggle
The wait
It ended on this date
I see you coming
You appear before me
Your head so soft
Young and flimsy
I see your eyes
What a beautiful surprise
A smile so wide
It's so cheerful and kind
My son
You're a gift from the heavens
Once a soulless body
Now alive and hearty
Welcome to this land
I'm your father
Your dad
-Dustun Carlsen

Dustun wrote this way before we found out we were having a girl i was only like 12/13 week pregnant around this time.

Well today to celebrate her half of life so far, we had a little party! we made home aid ice cream, and had gifts for her. I made her very own ice cream, with my milk and add peach puree to it, she seemed to enjoy it, the first bit she was shocked she is use to getting warm stuff not frozen things, but soon she was licking it up! We made our with half and half, vanilla, sugar and fresh strawberry's, it was so good, dustun had never made home-aid ice cream he was impressed what ice, salt and zip lock bags can do.

Well tomorrow she has 6 month doctor visit, maybe she passed the 13 pound mark, haha. so more updates later! Enjoys pictures form today!
This Is the Last picture of her being 6 months old, tomorrow she starts 6 months and one day! (she is looking at the octopus that blows bubbles, she loves watching it more pictures later!)

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