Pikes Peak rodeo

On July 11, 2009, we went to the pikes peak rodeo, it was so much fun I love rodeos, but i hate when i see cowboys get hurt, one guy got knocked out cold, but he was able to get up and walk after a few minutes. It was so hot today, Abby and the rest of us were sweating so bad, I undressed her as much as i could and kept giving her some water and her bottle, finally I was able to find some seats where there was a bit of breeze, once the rodeo got over I out her in the front seat and had the AC on to cool her off, then we came home. It was a nice day, cant wait till we can put her in the mutton bustin or dress her in boots and cowboy hat!

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Angela said...

I love the mom and daughter picture. You are both so pretty. Your daughter so fortunate to have you as parents.