Falling and staying asleep help

I need help, i would like your advice your are some facts:

*she sleeps great at night,she always has, she usually only wakes up around 4:00 a.m, sometimes she wakes up more often but that is rarely.
*she was on a schedule of 7 to 7, but now she has pushed it back to be more like 9 to 9. which is fine as long as she is getting a big chunk of sleep i don't mind what hours they are between.
* she has a night time routine of, eat, bath, books, rock, then i nurse her to sleep.
*nap routine is basically the same with the bath.
Her naps are 30 minutes on the dot, sometimes and I mean very rarely does she sleep for over an hour.
* if she falls asleep in my arms with out nursing forget about putting her down, she knows that she is put down and goes into insanity screaming and the only way to get her back to sleep in to nurse her
*i have tried the CIO method,i do fill bad she is crying but i know she needs sleep, that method has not worked yet she just crys and crys until i nurse her to sleep, she has even made herself so mad she has thrown up.
* when i put her down, i know she is full, clean diaper and has some play time, and then her wind down routine, but she doesn't want ot sleep.
* i know her sleep ques and i start to put her down as soon as i see them, or if i don't catch the ques then i know i need to put her down with in a hour and half to two hours from when she wakes up, or else she hits the overtired mode and watch out.

So my big questions are, how do i get her to take longer naps? how do i get her to self sooth? how does she learn to fall asleep on her own?
I'm i asking to much? should i just be grateful that she sleeps at night and that i can nurse her to sleep with out fussing and just deal with it? or what?

I want her do do these things on her own cause there are times when i leave the house without her and no one else can put her to sleep easily, because for obvious reason they don't have the correct "equipment" also she doesn't even fall asleep in the car, i have to rush home, or if i am not close to home i have to stop in a parking lot to nurse her to sleep.

I think the reason she is so hard to deal with is cause she is not getting enough sleep in the day, i feel if i fix that then i can say that she a happy "easy" baby.

please give me your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, thanks so much


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loved the pic, Abigail has her own little personality.

missy lou said...

I have some ideas if you are still having the problem. Give me a call ;0)