Goodbye to you

Last time in our house was on May 21st 2009, I am sad to leave it, i remember dustun and picking it out and i remember when i made my scrapbook craft room into a baby's room, which turned into Abigail's room i remember the good time and the bad times, I will miss this house it was one or our first big ticket items we had become an adult by buying our first house together. As sad as I am about moving and selling the house i am ready for whatever the military throws at us, i am ready for a new change of pace, and ready to make new good and bad memories in a new place, so to the 862 Barrel point house you will be missed thanks for keeping us safe from all the Texas rain and heat. We hope the new owner will love you as much as we did. love the Carlsen's

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D said...

I miss it too. Good and not so pleasant memories.

I just hope we don't end up going back to S.A cause that'll just tick me off a little bit.