When i was in Texas the three of us were able to barrow my freinds van to go down to the river walk (another post on why he had to do that). It was a great day considering it is Texas, dustun and i opted for carrying her rather then push her in the stroller due to how narrow the walk on the river is. We had so much fun we walked around sat and ate our ice cream as we people watch, then we were trying to find some San Antonio memorabilia in case we never came back we could never find anything, i was trying to find a "dream box" that is made out of wood with her name and the river walk carved in it, i bought mine there and i was hoping to find her one. oh well i'll just have to cruse the net when have time, anyways back to my day. We had fun getting out of the house and spending time as the 3 of us, the day i wished could have lasted i miss him so much and cant wait to be in Colorado with him. enjoy some pictures:

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