catch up

Well i haven't really talked about it for fear of cursing it but it is this far along i feel i can openly talk about it. We sold our house!!! ok well let me rephrase that we paid some one to take our house, it totally sucks it drains our saving account but we were more afraid to let this offer go and not get anything and spend more money, so we went for it. So dustun graduated from phase one of ultrasound school (with the highest GPA ever, way to go baby way proud of you) and he has two weeks off until he goes to phase two in Colorado springs, Abby and I flew to Texas to help pack the house up and put it in storage for the next 5 months, it is totally weird thinking of all of our belongings being in a storage unit. We have the priesthood helping on the 19th to load and unload the u-hal and the relief society helping on the 20 to clean, then Abby and I are back on a plan on the 21st to Utah.
Here is a picture of dustun holding Abby for the first time in a few months, i had him feed her so she could look at him and remember him, i think it worked she never was scared she felt at home with him.

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