Rice crispy treats

Yesterday I made rice crispy treats with Cody, he loves those pre-made pre-packed ones, so I figured he would enjoy making them. Making them with a 2 year it takes longer and it causes a mess, but he had so much fun and I have to admit I did too, you sometimes forget the simple things when making things and he brought out the fun in it.
I had him dump the mini marshmallows in the pan, he had to stop a lot to make sure that the marshmallows were good, (they were very fresh, mmmm) He was so amazed at watching the mini marshmallows disappear, I had him throw something away and when he came back all it is was marshmallow goo, he was like oh no..... he was so sad. Then he poured the rice crispy in the pan but well he tried they mostly ended up on the stove top.
We enjoyed eating them! It was a lot of fun.

So happy to help.

Carefully dumping them in the pan.

making sure they're good

Here is a video of Cody, every time I asked him what we should do for the day he did this.

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Karen and Matt said...

Fun!!! What a cutie! Rice crisy treats yum! =)