Date night at home

Last night Dustun and I had date night at home. We went to the comic book store and got his weekly comics, then we went to party city so I could buy some things for my baby shower, then we went to McDonald's for ice cream. Dustun got a m&m shake I got a pralines and cream blue bell ice cream cone. Then we went to Chipolets to get a huge burrito for us to share.

We came home and watch Grey's anatomy, we played the Wii, I kicked his butt bowling (and who is on the bowling team? not me! lol)and the we played Mario Kart in one race I got first place, in all my years of every playing I have never gotten first, I was so excited, but man I can't drive I way over correct the wheal, good thing I don't drive like that in real life, or else we wold have some serious problems.

We also watched the movie Fractured, which is pretty good, but I do have to say it makes much more seance if you watch it twice.

We also made caramel apples, I have never done this, I had a blast. I think we will be making this another fall tradition.

I enjoy spending time with Dustun, with him working nights it is hard to hang out and do things but we always are making time to be with each other, every time we watch a movie I think once Abigail comes we will have a harder time getting through the whole movie, so I am enjoying the the alone us time and looking forward to the us time!

I have been slaking on posting my challenge updates but here are the ones I can remember: I picked up trash and put it in the trash can, I smiled and said Hello to someone I don't know in the grocery store they look upset so I hope that they felt a little love and had a moment of goodness, I asked Dustun to clean the hamster cage, but I did it for him just cause I know how much he hated cleaning it. I am trying to help my friend who is going through a rough patch in there relationship. Every thing I do is really small but I hope that through my kindness or helpfulness someone will benefit somehow from it.

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