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8 T.V shows I love to watch:
- Greys Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives
- Project Runway
- Bringing home baby
- Biggest loser
- Top Model
- Samantha who
- Privet Practice

8 Favorite Restaurants:
- Chili's
- Wing stop
- Chipolteles
- Mamma citas
- Taco Cabana
- The melting pot
- Mad dogs

8 things that happened yesterday:
- went to dustun co- workers baptism
- Pick out some super cute pumpkins to paint
- Went to the store to but the makings for sugar cookies
- Went to churches chicken
- Went to the BX for Dustun's hair cut
- Did laundry
- Did dishes
- Watch maid of honor with dustun

8 things I am looking forward to:
- Baby Abby, joining the family
- Going to Utah with Dustun
- the weather to cool off some more
- Thanksgiving in Utah with the whole family
- Setting up Christmas decorations
- Dustun getting a class date
- My friend coming back here to Texas
- All my date ideas to do with Dustun

8 things I love about fall:
- The hopefully cooler weather
- the fall colors I can wear
- homemade soups
- Picking out pumpkins
- homemade breads (banana, corn, pumpkin,ext.)
- The nights are nice a "cold"
- Decorating my house in fall colors
- Buying Christmas presents

8 things on my wish list:
- My healthy baby Abby
- Dustun to get his class date
- hoping dustun will be here fro the birth
- moving back to Utah, so Abigail could be close to family
- A de-junk fairy to come to my house
- A great rest of this pregnancy
- To have a baby boy next, with out medical assistance, but I will do it all over again.
- Well since it is a wish list, I wish to have enough money that we never have to worry about money again.

8 people I tag:
- Karen
- Leah
- Kami
- Julie
- Windy
- Stormie
-And any of you others readers! (come on you blog stalkers, make a comment, post a blog, do something!)

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