Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail,
Today you turn 24 weeks, which means that you are now viable in this big scary world, although as much as daddy and I would love to hold you and kiss you and see you, can you please wait for like 13 more weeks before you think about coming out. We are so thankful for me to be pregnant with you, I have been worrying about losing you, but now that I know you can live outside, I feel as if I can enjoy this pregnancy more and more.

Well I would like to thank you, well actually daddy would like to thank you for all the extra hormones you have given me, they have really hit about 2 weeks ago, how did I notice? Well I called up a Chinese food restaurant and because my order was only $6.00 and not the minimum $12.00 , I called up dustun and was crying over not being able to get any food, so he did a pick up order rather then delivery so I could eat some food. I also got mad at him over him drinking his water at the dinner table (don't ask I just was wanting to fight I guess) I also cried while watching biggest loser, I have been crying or mad at everything. so thanks, but I would go through this and so would your daddy just to have you.

You move so much lately I love it, and every time your daddy puts his head on my belly to talked to you, you kick so much you defiantly love hearing his voice, and if you come out singing Christmas songs that cause daddy will hum different tunes to you, I think we need to get him a book of nursery songs so he can sings those to you all year long!

We love you and are excited to meet you, but like I said don't think about coming out until at least 13 more weeks.

We love you very much, stay strong and healthy.

Love always,
Your mommy

Here I am at 11 weeks:

And here I am at 24 weeks, (sorry this one is so dark)

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