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Today as I was sitting here, watching General Conference on the internet and making the cuteness bows you have ever seen, I get a Call from my friend, she has been in a car accident and she needs me to come get her and her baby, as her car will be towed away. So I quickly unplug my hot glue gun, pause the current speaker and run upstairs to wash my face and throw some decent looking clothes on. I get to the accident, she is ok, the car is still drivable but was making a bad noise so she decided to have it towed. I load up Connors base for is car seat and put him in and turn on the AC the poor baby was warm from the wonderful 93 degrees of fall weather we have here. (sarcasm) I took them home asked if their was anything else I could do for her, she said no, I told her if she needed anything else to give me a call.
I am very grateful that this was not a serous accident and every one was fine.
Maybe the lady who hit her will think twice when deciding on to run a red light, while the person in front of them has already stopped. (DUH)

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