ob apt 29+5

Today I had my OB apt. everything is looking good, her heart beat was in the 140's, and my fundal height is measuring at 30 weeks. My blood pressure is good and my weight gain is right on track. So I am very happy, I also got my results back form my glucose test, I passed it so that means I don't have to go in and have the 3 hour test done and that means no medication! I did get a prescription of heartburn medicine, there are some nights it is bad, but it is manageable, but I figure I would rather have the medication and not need it then not have and need it.

Today we were able to view the birthing suites, they are actually pretty nice, we also watch a birthing video, it was acutely an animated one, so nothing to gross, but the lady next to me looked ad if she was going to pass out, her eyes were huge, I patted her on the shoulder and said, "are you ready for that?" she looked at me and just shook her head no, I laughed and said well your about 7 months to late, so get ready.

I feel Abigail moving all the time. We have had 3 ultrasounds they have been trying to get a picture of her face, but she has her face into my back, I have tried sugar, caffeine, and food, they have had me basically upside down and on my side but she stays laying with her bum up, she is already stubborn, the ultrasound tech said she must like the sound of my Vena Cava. I am getting so excited to see her.

After my apt I went and got dustun from work and we had lunch and the chow hall, it was really good.

So far today has been a pretty good day!

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Karen and Matt said...

I'm so glad that things are going so well. Sorry about the heartburn, and that she is not turning. You still have time, but I hope she will. I always got nervous about that! I'm glad the birthing suites are good! I hope that you have a great experience! Are you scared? Are you ready? I was always scared for the end, but excited for the baby's to finally be here! =)