EQ camping trip.

This weekend we had the elders quarm (sp?) camp out, we went a to the Garner state park. It was so much fun, I wanted to go camping one last time this season, and to go with some freinds from church made it even more fun.
Here are some high lights of out trip.

We get up to our campsite and have no idea who the reservation is under, after naming about 5 different people we found the reservation and we get our campsite. We set up our tent amazing with no problems and no grumbling on either one our parts. I go to set up the bed, and apparently I grabbed the wrong air mattress, instead of the queen I grabbed the twin, so two adults one pregnant have to try and share a small bed for the night, that was amazing, lets just say we stayed pretty toasty curled up with each other, I mean it was cold (34 degrees). we slept in two pairs of pants, two shirts, a sweater and two socks, lets just say having many layers on hinders your movements, add that to all ready having a giant ball in your belly trying to get your shoes on so you can go pee in the middle of the freezing night gives you a huge charily horse. Under the circumstances I slept pretty good.

We were all on our own for dinner, our camp buddies made hobo dinners I had made lemon chicken and pasta salad earlier that day so we had a very good cold dinner! then we made s'mores, man those things are so good!

For breakfast we all ate together we had pancakes and bacon, juice and of course hot chocolate. we all sat around eating by the campfire talking about how we all tried to stay warm.

After breakfast we cleaned up our campsite on we went on our merry way of exploring, it took us an hour and half to get to the campsite and it took us about 5 hours to get home, we like driving around and exploring. We stopped at this one little town and went to go into this kinda cool looking antique store, well we walked in and and giggled it was a cross between a pawn shop, thrift store, DI drop off, and antiques. it was funny. well on our way out I see a little flyer that says craft fair, she tells us were to go, I was so excited. so we drive to it and get out we walk in and the things I see and smell make me want to stop in my tracks (not in a good way) but since all the nice old ladies who made these "lovely" crafts are eagerly waiting to sell something we politely walk around the 5 tables with two things on them, then we leave, we start laughing the second we get in the car, dustun kept saying he was sorry I kept saying don't worry about it the craft fair was lame but so worth going to.

We continue our road trip, it was so pretty I acutely was able to see fall colors on the trees it was amazing. We pulled off the side of the road and had the rest of our dinner from last night and enjoyed the quiet breeze.

We also saw this tiny deer with the biggest antlers, it was amazing we kept trying to get closer but it kept going away from us.

We had so much fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.

Enjoy some pictures of our day!

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Julie said...

So beautiful! Don't you love Garner State Park?! :)
I miss Texas...