thoughts on being pregnant

wow, I am a few days from being full term. It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. These months have flown by so fast. People are always asking me or Dustun so are you ready to get that baby out? I have a hard time answering that because I do want to meet her and hold her and kiss her, but I have really enjoyed my pregnancy, I feel very lucky to be able to be pregnant.
I have very little or no problems, my morning sickness was not fun, but it only last until about my 9th week, I have had very little heartburn, and when I do it is cause I just ate a heavy/spicy food right before bed, I pop a few tums or drink a little glass of milk and I am good to go. I haven't had to many Charley horses, and just lately my sciatic nerve acts up, but after some yoga stretching it goes away with in few hours, my feet have only gotten swollen if I have over worked them, and my back has only hurting if I have done to much, my weight and blood pressure and sugar have all been right where they need to be.
My only problems are I am always hungry, I make me something and I can't finish it, then a few hours later I am starving, Sometimes when I lay down my lungs feel as if they are collapsing so it makes me cough.
I have been able to keep to working, I have been able to sleep pretty good, and I can still work out, I take bandit for walks, granted everything I do I can do it. It my take me all day to do a small project but I can do it.
I have been in the nesting stage and feel as if I have so many things that I NEED to do so I go to bed then a few hours I wake up either due to needing to pee or eat (usually both) then I lay there for a few hours thinking oh I should clean this out, put this here, do this project, finish this scrapbook, make this for dinners, make my birth plan, vacuum the stairs, wash the sheets, do I have everything she needs, How will our lives change, will the house sell, when do we sell the house, where will we all be in 5 months here or there, what if we cant sell the house, is the car seat in correctly, will I know if I am in labor, I really need to sleep, aggggg, finally I pass out from exhaustion only to be woken up by Dustun's alarm and needing to pee and eat again.
I have "to do" list coming out of my ears, and I know that laying there in the middle of the night I cant do them and if I go to bed I can wake up and work on my list, but I just sit there and think about everything under the sun. I think that if I get the few big to do things of my list I can sleep, but then again I may find more tings to add to my list. what a cycle.

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