Spudnut and bowling day!

On November 18th, we (mom and I) decided we would make spudnuts, I have only had them once, and neither one of us have ever made them before. So we got Grandma Price's recipe and went to work (key word work) we started at 11 am and was about done by 7:30 pm. My grandma was a lunch lady so the recipe she had she cut it in half, so our recipes only made 200 spudnuts! It takes so long because you have to mix, then rise, then punch down then rise until it has doubled in size them you roll it out and cut the spudnut out, then you wait fort them to double in size then you fry then up and then ice them. Mom and I did the mixing and raising and dustun and I did the frying and icing. It was so much fun but I will never do them by myself!

A Spudnut is a potato flour donut, a folk recipe that traces back to Germany.The term spudnut, referring to the potato in the donut recipe ("spud" nuts). Originally made with mashed potatoes.

This day Dustun, Travis and I all went to the bowling alley, this has been a fun tradition that we have always done since we moved and come back to visit. I was afraid of pulling a muscle throwing the ball, so I asked for the kiddy ramp, so all I did was put the ball on top of the slide and push it down gravity did the rest of the work for me.

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