vacation on vacation

I wanted to surprise Dustun with a little romantic getaway from our vacation, so I asked mom if she had enough credits for a night stay at the Bear lake condos. So we got it all booked and set up, I got all the food ready and made him a cute invitation to join me! So on the morning of November 25th, I handed him the envelope with the invitation. We got ready and off we went.
We stopped and La Beaus to eat the best burgers and fries ever, we checked into the condo and once we were inside we opened all the doors and cupboards and turned on the fireplace and furnace, we even did a load of laundry just cause we could!
For dinner we made steak out on the grill and we had potatoes and sprinkling cider. The food was so good! The next morning I woke up ans started making breakfast, I made bacon and eggs and toast and of course more cider.
Once we checked out, we took the long way home, as were driving I saw two moose I made dustun flip around so I could get a picture. They were so close to us and they were big and beautiful.
It was a much needed time away for just us. Thanks mom for letting us use some credits!

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