The dryer ate my sock......

Well not really, but my washer did eat my blankets. Dustun and I were dog sitting for the last week and I wanted to wash all the Christmas toys, place mates, well I figured it wasn't very much to wash so I figured I would throw my blankets in the wash also to get all the dog hair off. when I opened the washer and this is what I found. It has taken me about on hour to babysit the dryer, and rinse the washer out. I had to stop the dryer every 10 minuted to clean the lint trap out, I was so afraid of a fire starting. Finally my washer is clean, my original load is clean, and the lint trap is clean out. wow what a process to wash a few things.

All the lint from the filter. I am still sneezing blue lint, lol

Bandit and Bella, just chilling on the couch.

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mom said...

The ball of fuzz in the picture is about the same size of Abigail!! Good luck and PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! mom