A few things

So I have had a few things on my mind, maybe if I write them down I can get some insight and help or encouragement.
First thing is Abby going to preschool, she kinda is in one all ready but I would love to have a little mommy group were we all switch off on doing the weeks lesson at each other house, I wonder if anyone is doing this or teaches a class.
Also I have been thinking about becoming a substitute teacher I read this last night: http://www.nisd.net/hr/substitutes/faqs/preHire/
And from here say, you can make 75 dollars a day. I think this will get my foot in the door to see if I really want to be a teacher, and if I do then I can start school. But my question is, what to I do with my kids if I get called into work? Find a stay at home mom and have her be my back up?
My other thoughts are starting to watch a new kid, she pays 500.00 a month whether the kid is in my care or not, If i did watch her it would be from 2-10 pm M-F and she naps a little after 2 and goes to bed about 6:00, the mom is single and is on a swing rotation, so it probably wouldn't be any more then a few months that I have her. I would only have Abby, Benjamin and her for a few hours by myself, and I have been able to watch 3 klids before, then when samuel does come home from full time school, Candice will be home to help me, and dustun said he is willing to help me on his days off. I dont watch Samuel anymore, And for me I need to feel wanted and important and like I'm contributing to the house hold, I do undserstand that I'm raising two wonderful children, making sure the bills are paid, laundry is done, food is in house, and all is in order, but i want to have my "own" money to spend as I wish. I know people think that im crazy or that I might be taking on to much, but I kinda feel like I should.
And my last thoughts are Candice and Samuel continue to stay living with us, last week she went and applied for an apartment, and when i told dustun he was upset we didnt talk to him about it first, he was upset she and Samuel wanted to move, we as husband and wife discussed the pro's and con's of all of us staying living together we decide to them stay here, we know one of us will be getting orders to somewhere soon, so we will continue this living situation until one of us gets orders. We enjoy having each other around to help each other, yes it is crazy, but right now I cant think of anything better then having my best friend, my husband and Abby growing up with her best friend. Yes we get on each other nerves and there are fights, but you get that with any living situation.
So thats what in my mind currently, along with every other thing that goes along with being a good wife and mother.

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