Birthday Eve

January 29, Today is Abby's birthday eve, I cant believe she will be 2 in the morning, my baby is growing to fast.Today we went to the mall and spent the money and gift card her Antie B and Great grandma Joyce gave her. Before we left for the mall, we made the cakes so they would be nice and cooled down for me to ice later tonight, the kids loved having some batter! look out bandit is on the prowl.
First we went to the Disney store, with the money she got from Great Grandma Joyce, she got some new princesses plates, and new play cell phone. she had so much fun running around grabbing everything she could.
After there, we went to build a bear since thats were Auntie B and Sheldon got her a gift card too, she had fun picking out her new friends, and her new clothes. She was so cute kissing the heart and putting it in the bear.
When we got all done since she did good, considering it was 6:00 and she hadn't napped all day, I bought a cookie for her to share.
Last picture of my one year old, wow tomorrow is another year of excitement , lets see where God takes us now!

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