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I have put this blog to the side, as I have been keeping busy, my goal is to try and do at least one blog post a week, so this post will be about my kids, wow that is still weird to say.
Benjamin, is growing up so fast, he is rolling over, holding his head up, following you with his eyes, smiles, coo's, laughs, his two favorite things are being swaddled, and my boob. He is a co-sleeper, yes i know the cons to it, but i also know the pros to it, i do take extra safety steps, but it is easier for him to sleep right next to me, since he likes to stay up at night and loves to have me as his human pacifier.
He is growing so fast, his weight is good, he nurses like a pro, we were able to wait 5 1/2 weeks before he got his first bottle, it was bitter sweet, but I know he liked it and now I can have someone least to share the feeding at night, now to pump to get more of a storage. i love his so much, I feel very blessed to have him. Thank you God for trusting me with another one of your children.
Abigail, oh my gosh in a few days she will be 2, i have no idea to what to do for her, theme, gifts, or party, I wish i was closer to family so we can have a party, and last year was a bust no one showed up except Candice and Samuel, so I'm not wasting my time in hand making invites and playing and buying stuff (ok rant over)
Abby favorite things to do is color, dance, laugh, and have tantrums, working the tantrum part, it is so hard to deal with her some days. She is loving school, I'm loving her going, I love the art work, i love watching her interacted with other boys and girls, and ill be honest i love the "free" time i get.
She has moved to a big girl bed, i was scared, i had been reading on how and when to do it, i left the crib in there I figured i would let her choose which bed she wanted, but once she saw her big girl bed she never looked back to her "baby" bed, she stayed in bed the first night, the first nap, and everyday since, only once has she pulled out clothes out of her drawer, but i had her put them back and it hasn't happed again, she gets to read her books, she will either go to her bed or the chair and read, in the after noon sometimes he sleeps, sometime she just has her own hour of quiet time.
I am very blessed to have her, she is hard to deal with, but when she is happy it makes my day. I love her very much.

some pictures for your enjoyment;

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