Benjamins birth story

Dec 13, 2010
Water broke at 8:30 am
Got kids ready dropped them off at friends house got to Hosptial about 9:30
Had a few test done to see if it was my water waiting for results
Got results back they said it was my water
They did an ultrasound to check the fluid level and since he had enough around him that i was free to go home. And if I had another gush, or if i keep leaking to come in I also had to make sure to do my movement counts.
Came home took a nice nap, relaxed and did more decorating of the house. Drank some OJ to make sure he was moving good, have also done the breast pump which is suppose to help bring on contractions, I haven't had any, i was suppose to do it 20 min 20 min off for 2 hours, but I've only done it twice, it hurts and plus I have things I need to do tomorrow.
It's now 10:30 and im still home.

December 14th
Went into my mid wife, she checked me out, said baby sounds great, is very low and ready to come out, I'm dilated to a 4 and 85% effeced. She told me to go eat, then go home and hook myself up to the pump to keep the natural contractions going. An he should be here soon! And if he is not by tomorrow to go in a demand to be seen. She also gave me some natural medicine to help with my nervous and to help feel the contractions. It was these small pills that she put under my tongue that dissolved and tasted sweet. She also stripped my membranes. So now time to eat, and see what happens next. After lunch I went on as normal, went to post office, picked kids up from school, went to the car wash, then to target, there we had a shopping cart of stuff and I told Candice I needed to go to the bathroom when I stood up ( I was sitting in the deluxe kid seat in shopping cart) she said your water broke, my blue jeans were noticeably wet, so she loaded kids to car, I went to bathroom to see what I had, then I called Dustun I told him to stay put until otherwise noted. When I called my midwife she told me to hook myself up to the breast pump and do 20 min on and 20 off for two hours and if by 7pm I still wasn't have contractions to go in. So I lined up a sitter and Candice and I took off. Dustun was out with Abby doing one last father daughter activity before his son arrived. We went and grabbed some food knowing it was going to be a long night and they wouldn't allow me to eat. I just got a jamba juice. We went to triage and explained that my I had 2 gushes of fluid in 2 days. They did another ultrasound said he looked good. I was afraid they were going to send me home. Candice could tell I was upset, so I texted my mid wife and asked her what I should do and her response was: Are they checking to see if your water is intact? Question them re: GBS & broken water-it is a risk factor, make them explain why they're willing to take that risk. So now that I was armed with a loaded question I felt confident that I wasnt going to be turned away. But lucky for me the doctor came in and said if I wanted to be induced they would do it. So of course I said yes. After that I called Dustun told him to come. And then they started my IV and took me to my birth room. As all three of us got settled in we talked, joked around, watched tv.
December 15, 2010
Once I got settled into my room I was hooked up to piton, my contractions were bearable. At 4 am they came in and broke my water. That when things started to speed up more I was still doing good. At some point I did ask for some IV pain meds which are wonderful I was finally sleeping between contractions. I do remember getting sick and throwing up and the nurse saying that was good that meant it was going to be happening soon. I just remember moving my phone off my belly so I didn't get it dirty. Yes yes I had my phone with me :) soon after that I don't remember much I do remember was asking where my epidural was I was yelling it to anyone who would listen I dont think anyone was. I would rest for what seemed to be only few seconds between contractions, and Candice stood by my side asking if I needed to push, she gave me words of encouragement and was on the phone telling Dustun to hurry to the Hosptial and to bring the kids since all our sitters that we did have lined up failed. (We had 5 set up amazing how no one could help anyways) the anastegiologist finally showed up he asked if I could sit up I told him no so I rolled on my side curled up to a ball and had many contractions and feeling like I was about to poop, he cleaned my back and gave me the numbing drugs, he kept telling me to not move, I remember Candice telling him i was in a contraction so I couldn't hold still soon after that my body could no longer stop Benjamin from coming to this world, here I was in bed on my side with his head half way out, feeling everything, no doctors paying any attention to me, upset that my friends failed me and that I didn't know where Dustun was, I was happy I wasn't alone Candice kept saying, I can do anything with Christ. So I had the lord there by my side helping me bring one of his sons into this world for me to take care of.
Finally someone noticed Benjamin coming out they stopped the epidrual and somehow I ended and the end of the bed, the next thing I remember was looking down to see Benjamin make his very quick entrance. Dustun walked in the door right as the doctor caught him. Benjamin was placed on my belly and there he was cleaned he was perfect. Dustun got to cut the cord, he was so happy.
So the things that were told to me about his delivery was done, apparently the resident doctor had his back to me lining up all his tools and the doctor tapped him on the shoulder and said, "hey see that? It's a baby catch it" then the resident doctor apparently tried pushing Benjamin back and he was stopped and was told to stop and catch him.
Once Benjamin was on the warmer I looked around and said wow there is a lot of people in the room to bad no one checked on me between 4 and 8:30 or came in at 6:30 when I was asking for pain meds and a epidrual. Amazingly I never needed any stitches and I felt great after having him. Now knowing that I did it I wish I did it at home, I feel like things would have gone smoother and more calmly if I had. And I now know I can do it with out being numbed up.
So that is Benjamins birth story. I plan on blogging more as soon as I can.


Karen and Matt said...

Wow Crystal that is quite an experience you had! Holy cow! I'm so glad Dustin was able to be there intime to see, and to cut the cord, i'm so glad Benjamin is alright! I'm so glad you are alright! My sister has had every single one of her kids, but one at home. She has 6 kids. I love midwives, I had one that delivered Maddie at Travis. I don't know if I could do it at home though, i'm too scared about what could happen. Anyways You go girl!!! Congratulations to you and Dustin, he is a cutie pie! Hugs!

Josh & Stormie Tingey said...

wow, I am glad Candice was there to help you out. Your little guy is so cute. Thankfully they did see him before something bad happened. Seemed like he wanted to stay in forever But when it came time he came out a running lol. I am so happy for you guys! Have a Merry Christmas.