Date nights

So the last few nights I have wanted to try and get in as many "dates" as possible, cause soon I'll be in the hospital bringing a new little one into this world, then I'll be home taking care of the new gift from God.

I was able to go shopping with Abby the other night, just mommy and daughter, we went to the mall and exchanged her boots for a bigger size, then we went to baby r' us and get her baby brother some diapers, then I decided why not finish the date with a movie, well since I didn't have any food, drink or diapers to last through a movie I bought some nessesties there also.
Then we went and got changed and made up a bag with all her new goodies to eat and drink and off we went to a late movie. We saw the new movie Tangled, so very cute. She sat next next and soon she currled up on my lap and there we watched the movie the movie theater was packed but to me it was just me and her, I watched her expression as she watch the movie, I felt her breath, I watched her laugh, and oww and aww over the cute sence. She would randomly look up and kiss me. this was the best date ever.
(forgot camera, :( so no pictures, but trust me we are cute as can be!)

The following night Abby Dustun and I went to sonic for a late dinner, she got a grilled cheese, banana, and milk, I figured since we were sitting there eating she could get out of her car seat, at that point she stopped eating and was being a crazy climber in the blazer, laughing and squealing in delight, my heart was very full of joy as I watched her.

Today when I took her to school, I figured I should probably get a picture, just in case its the last time I am not carrying a new born in with me. I love that she goes to school, she has so much fun, coloring, learning about all the great things in this world, and playing outside, or inside if its too cold. Her favorite thing is the baby's and the buggies she will always go to them, and today when I picked her up, she was carrying one around, I love it!
(Look at her hair it looks silly, like she has a flat top, lol )
After I dropped off the kids Dustun and I went on a breakfast date, we went to Denny's, we got hot chocolate, (the best) orange cranberry pancakes, ham steak, hash browns, and eggs. Dustun got moons over my hammy. Our waitress was so nice, she even gave me a free fruit cup, it really had the best strawberry's, grapes and Bananas.
So the new game we all seem to be enjoying is words with friends, its a I-phone app. Its basically online scrabble, so while we waited for our food we were playing each other trying to get a better word with more points. The first game I beat dustun, me crystal playing a spelling game won!!
When I picked the kids up from school, I took them to he park to play for a bit, here we are being goofy playing around.

After the park we came home, and after their evening snack, I let them play with the snowflakes, putting them on the windows and taking them off they enjoyed it, and it was so cute!
I am very blessed in all the great things God has provided for me, my spunky 2 year old, my almost here baby boy, my husband, all my family near and far, all my friends, my health, my security in knowing we will be provided for and never have to worry about jobs or homes or money.

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