So for about 3 weeks I have been dealing with Abby and her tantrums, I don't know if it's terrible twos, lack of sleep, due to her bad dreams, separation anxiety, her knowing she no longer going to be the "baby" or what's going on. Some days I can handle her with open arms and love where all I do is give her everything and anything she wants, some days I try to help her and then end up ignoring her until she is done screaming because apparently nothing I do or offer her is what she wants. Some days I laugh at how silly she looks when she is pushing her tears out. And some days I can't handle her at all and I have to get away either by a shower or physically leave the house so I wake Dustun up or call Candice to watch the kids.
I feel like a bad mom cause I don't know why she is acting this way or how I can fix it. I feel like a bad mom cause somedays and many moments I dont want to be around her. All I want to do is run away.
As miss Tyler swift says: And you're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone

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Little Messy Missy said...

It's normal...don't worry. She is old enough that crying will only tire her out. I used to go in the back yard and plug my ears. I also hid in the shower too. ;0)