Life is like a roller coaster it has it ups it has it's downs, you just got to make sure your buckled in and holding tight, and most importantly enjoy every minute of it.
lately I have been on the good part of the roller coaster, and it has been fun, and I have felt completely happy. I have got to spend family time with dustun and I have been able to spend alone time with him. I have got to spend alone crystal time, I have been able to spend mother daughter time, I have been able to spend making the house more beautiful time, I have got to spend time with old friends, I have got to spend time to make new friends.
I have been busy but I am happy I love doing things, lately we have been working on the yard, wedding, planting flower seeds, planting grass weeds, mowing the lawn. everyday I go outside and water the lawn, it has been nice to do. I have also been working on staining my new dresser, that has been fun and I feel very proud to say that we did it, every time I look at it I will remember the talks and the time we spent working on it.
I still have stresses in my life some big some small but I have a good support team that I can talk to you who listens to me and who can give me good advice.
I want to publicly let everyone know, I do love Dustun, and I have appreciated all he has done for me and for the family. Thank you dustun.
I know at some point the roller coaster will go back down but I hope for not too long cause I love the top.


Mom said...

I am glad you are happy!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...