I am here!

oh man I have been really slacking, well Of course Abby just woke up so i only have a few minutes but Abigail, Bandit and I made the LONG 4 day drive from Texas to Utah, it took so long because when you breastfeed your baby, they get hungry every 2/3 hour and you have to stop and feed her and it takes about an hour to feed, burg change and give some love.
I am living in my sisters house, Abigail and I share a room which is great because she makes me feel not so alone. In this small house we have a boxer, a shih-tzu, a cat, a baby and two females sometimes it is crazy in this house.

pictures will be coming soon

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missy lou said...

If you ever need a break you are welcome to come hang out with me and sister Melissa...we would love to pass around your baby...I even have baby chickens at the moment to entertain us, and I could make something with chocolate!!!