So I know that a few of my friends and family are working out, I was wondering if we could set up a little thing were you post your daily workout, what you did, for how long, and maybe a good for you meal/treat idea. I figure maybe if we are accountable to each other we might do better. If you want to join me, just leave me comment

8-27-09 For each move, do 1 or 2 sets of 12 repetitions
Upper body:
Chest Press With Band
Bent Over Rows
Basic Dumbbell Curls
Rear Triceps Extension
Front Arm Raises

Lower body:
Basic Squats
Dumbbell Leg Extensions


Cross-Armed Crunches


biked about 7 miles in 20 minutes

Treat idea:
Black bean brownies
1 box brownie mix
1 can (15 oz) black beans

Open the can of black beans, rinse well. With beans back in the can, add enough water to cover beans. Put in blender or food processor and puree. Add puree to brownie mix, and then bake according to package directions.

You DO NOT add the eggs or oil that the recipe calls for, JUST the black bean puree!

Makes 20 brownies-- 2 Weight Watcher Points each!

These are pretty rich and fudgy, and you cant tell that they aren't "regular" brownies. They have lots of protein and fiber, too.

"Breathing correctly is the key to better fitness, muscle strength, stamina andathletic endurance."

~Dr. Michael Yessis~

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