Garden of the Gods

Yesterday was an amazing day, not only was dustun home, but Abigail took a two hour and 40 min nap, in the morning and an hour long one in the afternoon, and we got out and took a beautiful walk around the Garden of the Gods.
This was our free activity for the week, and boy it was worth it, there are these huge wonderful red rocks shooting straight up in the sky, the trail was paved so we were able to push Abigail around, the weather was pretty good. she was so cute, when ever she herd a bird chirp she would get all excited, and when she herd any other kids, making noise she would follow suite, and when she saw dustun and I drinking from our water, she would lick her lips, and kick her legs, so we would give her a bit of water.

There was a lot of people rock climbing, some looked harder then others. I have been repelling a couple of times but never rock climbing I would love to give it a try sometime,even if it is on the portable fake wall that travels, I would like to say I
tried it. maybe some day.
Dustun and I ate out on the patio of the visitors center that over looked the scenery, we both had buffalo burgers with chipotle sauce, they were dang good.

Here is another slide show.

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