On Monday August 17th, Travis, Amanda, Mark and I all went to lagoon, I haven't been there in so many years, and when I do go I usually don't have anyone to ride rides with, but not this time, we all wanted to go on all the rides, and that is pretty much what we did. We rode the Terror ride, Colossus: The Fire Dragon, The bat, Double Thunder Raceway, Rocket, The white roller coaster, Sky ride, Spider, wicked, the train, tidle-wave, bumper cars, ferris wheel

My new favorite rides are the spider which does this: A first of its kind in North America, this spinning coaster takes riders to a new extreme. Four passengers load into the coaster car - two facing forward and two facing back. The car remains in this locked position as it descends the initial drop. As the car begins to ascend the second hill it then unlocks, allowing free horizontal spin - up to 20 rotations per minute depending on weight and gravity! With unique track configurations, which include an 82 degree embankment called the Immelmann, a stretch of slalom track, and a 360 degree carousel turn, riders are given a truly unique experience.

And Wicked: t's BIG, It's FAST, it's "WICKED", and it's coming in 2007. Lagoon announces it's most thrilling coaster, EVER! This state of the art coaster will thrill riders of all ages with it's unique ride elements.

Riders will be launched to the top of the 110 ft. tower at speeds close to 41 mph. This element is especially unique as most roller coasters slowly lift riders to the top of the first hill, letting gravity do the rest. "WICKED" riders will instead be propelled by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive system, essentially rocketing riders up and over the top of the first hill.

The 8-rider vehicles travel individually and achieve speeds up to 55 mph, passing though steep valleys, high banked turns, half-pipe, heart-roll inversion and more. Riders will be seated in two rows of four, facing forward, with the back row seats elevated above the front row. The lap/leg restraints will provide an exhilarating upper body freedom for riders.

WE all had so much fun, we were a bit dizzy, but doing great, after the park closed we went to Iggys for dinner, then we were trying to find a place open to get some pie, but we had no luck, and the way home we played "would you rather" finally around midnight, we were home, and ready for bed.

The next day I looked at my poor feet, they were so sore from walking around all day, and my toe was killing me, I also had to wear Tennis shoes in order to ride rides, well I was walking on my feet all wrong, and I got a blisters, so my feet look like homeless people feet. Time for a pedicure.

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