The day my daughter got crabs

Well what happened we were at the mall and I was holding a hermit crab so I went to show Abigail, and the dang thing reached out and pinched her tiny little thumb, she let out a high pitch scream, I don't remember if it let go or if I ripped him off, I threw the little crabby thing back in his case and scooped my baby out of her car seat, she let out a few whimpers, but she was all good after I was holding her, I felt so bad, I wanted to cry, I looked at her finger, no blood good, then a few seconds later the blood came, we quickly pushed the blood out and were wiping with a antibacterial wipe, I didn't know what if any kind of germs hermit crabs had. I felt so bad I almost cried, her poor finger was bloody , red and throbbing with pain.
I tried taking a picture, they are not the greatest, but trying to hold a baby's finger still to take a picture is hard to do.
Moral of the story, don't give your kids crabs, they hurt.

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