On Saturday August 15th Abigail and I flew back to Utah. Dustun and I stayed up watching a movie and never went to bed until 12:00 and I never fell asleep until 12:30, well 3:00 came around way to fast, so I got Abby up and ghost feed her, then I got Dustun up and had him take her bed apart, we were out the door at 4:00, then to Dustun a non boarding ticket so he could help me get through security, but I forgot, so I had to but my bag, my backpack, my shoes all my formula, my zip-lock bag of 3 Oz liquids, my car seat, the base, the stroller all on the x-ray machine, all the while holding Abigail, it was a zoo, then 3 seconds later, I had to re-assemble and put everything back. We get on the plane, and Abigail has been awake since about 5:00I figure the second I nursed her she will pass out for the whole flight, nope she ate had a 10 min nap and was awake the rest of the flight, which she was good, she looked out the window, looked at the man next to us, and played with the things on the tray table, she kept grabbing for my cup so i let her have a drink of my apple juice she did really good, she grabbed it correctly and never even spilled, ( she is growing up so fast)
Finally we landed, We were all excited to see mom/grandma, dad/grandpa, daughter and granddaughter, mo mwas crying then i started crying but she gave them a big smile, I am so happy to have them, I am so happy they love us as much as they do.
We went to breakfast, then we went to my aunt Susan's house, where we visited with her for a little bit, my cousin's had spent the night so they came up and visited for a bit, then we came and picked Amanda up, and went to Logan, My grandma and Grandpa didn't know we were coming, my grandmas face was priceless, she saw me walk through the door, and she had the look of, oh crap I am loosing my mind, then she started to cry, she misses Abigail and I so much, it just brakes my heart when we have to say good bye. My aunt JB and Mino were there so I was able to visit with them also.
By this time I am going on 13 hours awake on 3 hours of sleep, I am pooped,, we get to my moms house unload I make Abigail a bottle and I slept for a few minutes, then mom asks if she can take Abby, I gladly get up and head to my room there i passed out until 6:15, I probably would have slept longer but i was so hungry all I had to eat was breakfast, as I am laying there I realize it is so quiet, I get up and find a note, from mom, saying they took Abby to the ward party, so i call to see if there is still food, and I drive down there, and ate and talked and played volleyball.
I am so done, but I have to get Abigail in bed then I run to Walmart to get her food and diapers, finally around 11:00 I passed out

It was a long day, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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mom said...

Wow, and look it has already been a week and it's OVER!! boohoo