Made it home

Well I made it back to Colorado, the flight was good, Abigail did great just like always,she was a bit fussy at times but I think it was cause it was so hot in the plan, she had red checks and sweating, so was I.
I had dad come through security with me, so he could help me getting everything through the x-ray machine, once we were on the other side we started to people watch we saw lots of interesting people, we saw ladies who like to wear what look like underwear out, we saw lady's that looks like men, men who looked like they peed there pants, we saw, "rich" men and women, we saw people get upset at the ticket counter,we saw people running to the gate. i love people watching everyone is so different.
Amanda and mom also came to the airport, I hate saying good bye, the only thing getting me through this one was I will be seeing them in a month. And dustun should be there also, so that will make the trip even better.
Thanks for letting us come visit, it was a super quick trip, but lots of fun.

Abigail is a "expert flyer" she has been in 6 different planes.

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