Yesterday's OB appt. and today 19 weeks! wowza

Well yesterday was my Ob appt. It went good, I was able to hear the baby's heart rate in the 150's again, it was nice and strong, I love hearing it beat it make's this whole pregnancy become reality when I can hear another life in me beating and living. I am doing well, my blood pressure is right on track, my weight is back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I lost a few pounds due to morning sickness (yuck) and my uterus in right below my belly button. My weight has been a funny subject, I have asked the doctor at both visit if everything is alright, because some people have gained so much weight and I either lost weight or barely put any on, she asked me what my normal food intake was, I told her about my food, and about the vitamins I have been taking (thanks Shaklee for the vitamins!) she said I am eating very good, something form every food group, and not any sweets (bummer) She told me that I should start gaining at a regular pace now that I am starting to eat good again ( I have made dinner like 5 times, story on that another day). So my weight is the same as before I was pregnant, but I have been measuring my self, and my hips, waist and chest have all gotten wider, in some spots around 4 inches, but so far, no weight gain in my arms or thighs (good).
I still don't if what I'm feeling is the baby, I am excited for the day when I am siting there and bam yep that was the baby!
I cant believe I am at 19 weeks already, it is so crazy to think about it, soon Dustun and I will be first time parents and our parents will be first time grandparents, so scary and exciting!!
here is a "belly" picture, it was taken around 17 1/2 weeks, I'll Posted another one when I get around to taking it.

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