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*written by mom
Here is a (late) breakdown of our trip to Texas to see Crystal and Dustun:

The day started off with bad news at 3:00 a.m. I checked online to see if our flight was on-time with U.S. Airways from SLC. There in big red letters was the word CANCELLED. I checked again and it was still there. I started crying and we had a quick prayer in the car and we sped off to SLC. I was calling the airlines but there was no answer.......DUH, it was 4:00 in the morning. We parked the car, I finished putting on my makeup in the shuttle bus stop at the airport, we shoved our bags on and went to see if we were really still leaving. I headed us to the line at United and we waited our turn. The United employee at the head of the line asked us how we were and I told him I was stressed because I our first leg of the flight to Phoenix was cancelled and I didn't know what the plan was now.

He looked at me and said, 'United doesn't go to Phoenix, you need to be in the US Airways line.......over there! Okay, Doug now thinks I am a complete idiot and wonders how I have made it without him b-4 now! We go the next line and she tells us we have been re-routed to Dallas because of hurricane Dolly in Texas but our flight would be at 8:30 a.m. instead of 7:10.....it was now 5:30 a.m., glad we rushed.

We got on our plane to Dallas, and when we landed we had no clue where to go so we followed the signs and ended up on a monorail train that encircled the airport and took us to the next gate. We rushed to the counter with 20 minutes to board and we were on like a standby list because of the flight change. We got our tickets and boarded only to find out she had typed the wrong seat numbers and we were in someone else's seat. The attendant switched us and said 'easy fix, no biggie'. We settled in with 5 minutes to spare, took a deep breath, buckled in..........Crystal called and said,'I don't want to worry you, but there is a Tornado and flood watch here in San Antonio. Are you still coming?' 'Oh sure, I say, we just made it...wait, there is an announcement.' 'The flight will be delayed a little because of a few clouds in San Antonio. We'll just sit here on the runway for a few minutes.' A FEW clouds, buddy there is a tornado!!! We had the pleasure of sitting one hour in a hot, stuffy plane while the storm subsided. I didn't tell Doug about Crystal's call, no reason for both of us to worry.
*not the actual tornado, just a goggle picture!

We finally took off for the last leg of our journey with heavy gray clouds all around us. I was praying and hanging on for dear life knowing we would experience turbulence just because I needed an seat belt extender and hadn't asked for one (so I was going against regulations.) Doug had a nap.

Halfway through the flight, I woke Doug up to see the storm clouds. I told him, 'If I see rotation, I am going to scream'. He said 'If you see rotation, it is too late'. Thanks for the comforting words, I am glad you came. Just then, we both looked out the window and another plane going in the opposite direction passed us close enough I could read the call letters on the tail. Well all-righty then....

As we landed, the clouds broke enough for us to see the freeway below us and the roads were flooded with cars driving through the water. But I was glad to get on the ground and be done with this day. Crystal and Dustun met us and had been stressed about the weather, the tornado had touched down briefly just miles from their house. The skies cleared as we headed to get our bag and we were ready to get started with our vacation. We headed to baggage claim, Crystal and I were talking a mile a minute, and hugging. Dustun and Doug stood by the carousel and watched it go around, and around and around................................ NO BAG!! Doug asked me for the bag claim ticket and I said, 'the one I threw away back at the waiting room garbage?' DUH!! After some brief dumpster diving, I retrieved the ticket and went back to baggage claim where they informed us the bag had been left in Dallas and they would deliver it to Crystal's house. Okay, NOW I am done, let's go!!

We went to Crystal and Dustun's house before we went to the restaurant, I stayed in the car. Dustun let Bandit out who jumped excitedly in the back seat to see me...........and immediatley peed all over my leg and the car seat. We broke out in hysterical laughter and could not stop until we got to the restaurant.

Our bag was delivered later, all safe and intact except for the zipper.

What a Day!!

We had a great time the rest of the week and it was worth it. The flight home was uneventful,..........HOORAH!!

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