Smelly hamsters

Ok well I'll just start off with that the hamsters...yeah I can't stand them. Sure they're cute and adorable but they can sure stink up my room. Also their wheels when they run on'em are so annoying. Anyway I cleaned their cages so it doesn't smell anymore.

I still haven't fixed my car. I meant to do it today but just ran out of time. This weekend is when I plan on finally finish that project.

I'm so tired. I'm going to go to bed now. Crystal will probably be sayin that I should've gone to bed earlier but I intended on doing the dishes and cleaning those cages prior to sleep. Oh well. Anyway nothing else much is going on right. I'm still putting in an application package for ultrasound. That's moving along. Here's hoping!

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kathy said...

If you guys will talk, I think Crystal wants to get rid of the hamsters.........do it now b-4 baby