Today Dustun and I went to base to go swim before he went to work, it has been so hot here, your only options are, lay naked with the blinds closed and the fan on high pointing straight at you, or go to the pool, we opted for the swimming!
We had so much, we love to people watch, and people watching with them wearing swim suits is quit entertaining!

I give the girls mad props (that's right mad props) who wear bikinis, past the size of 12, I mean, I would never do it, but if you have the confidence I guess, but if you are a size 24 please don't, oh and then to jump on the diving board, well she was entertaining to watch! We had fun at the pool, too bad dustun had to work we could have stayed for a bit longer.

(that is dustun knee, I don't have a hairy chest, well I don't think so... nope not me)

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Karen & Matt said...

I totally agree with everything you said! =) Oh by the way that is crazy with the kirby people out there. I can't believe they forced their way into your house. Jerks!