super fun!

So Dustun has been wanting the Wii, since it came out, I have been slightly interested in it, well I picked up a controller and played, crap, I enjoyed it, and had fun. Now I want one. So we saved (and having a pay raise was nice) so I went to the store to get one, although it took awhile to find one, they were never in stock. I came home, put it on the bed, and dustun woke up he was like, "wait, what, the Wii, what, what?!" So funny, he thought he was dreaming, So we set it up and started to play.
We have had so much fun, we play Mario kart, which I am good at as long as the road is straight if it is not then well, I fall and die. We also played bowling (my favorite, I do really well) golfing, boxing, tennis and baseball.
Last night we boxed against each other, I was kicking his butt, he went down like 4/5 times, I only went down 1/2 times, but somehow he won, cause the last time he had a knock out.
Well I woke up this morning and my triceps hurts and my side/back muscle hurt, It was defiantly a work out. For Christmas I think I might get the Wii fit.
So far I am very happy we got this game I have enjoyed spending time him. I'll post some pics later.

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D said...

I've been enjoyin the Wii too and playing with you! Love you honey!